Sony SLT - A99 dSLR Review

The Sony Alpha SLT-A99 is that the world's 1st full-frame clear mirror DSLR, providing glorious image quality all told lighting conditions and also the same AF performance for video as for stills. it's a 24-megapixel full-frame detector, a high-resolution electronic view finder (EVF), full HD video at sixty frames-per-second, new “Dual AF” machine focus system, a 3-inch tilting show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display and it will shoot as quick as ten FPS in Tele-zoom high speed shooting mode (6.6 FPS in manual modes).

Strengths:    Electronic read finder, in body image stabilization, quick and low light-weight focus, focus peaking, a lot of improved dynamic vary and extremely low noise up to 6400 iso,

    No pop up flash. No mill equipped screen shielder

Bottom Line:  
Well let ME begin out by locution i do not shoot video therefore i am unable to base any of this review on the a99s video capability. however right out of the box I detected simply however the a99 appears like the a77. they're nearly a similar size however the a99 simply ever slightly larger. Most of the controls ar a similar. One distinction could be a programmable dial on the front of the camera to assist with silent operation once shooting video.

It conjointly handles pretty much similar to the a77. The menu is sort of identical. All the controls one wants and in smart spots to use them. they're currently 2 Coyote State card slots and that they will be programmed in an exceedingly variety of how. One for video the opposite stills shock therapy. there's conjointly currently a feature known as focus vary. I will set the a99 to focus in an exceedingly sure vary close to and much that keeps the camera from looking the maximum amount. I real smart feature if you recognize concerning however way your target goes to be and also the cameras focus system can solely hunt focus in this vary creating focus faster.

Sony has conjointly modified it's hot shoe from the Sony style to a standard hot shoe. this may please several as I even have detected complaints concerning this issue for a protracted time.
But the most important improvement is in image quality. initial the noise. this can be one in every of the primary things that's critiqued once a replacement camera comes out. however do the images look once shooting high ISO? i'm undecided why this has continually been such a problem. i assume it's one thing you'll be able to see initial hand by staring at shots on the net. however additional necessary to ME is dynamic vary and color depth. however pictures ar terribly pack up to 6400 ISO. more than that and also the a99 starts to fall off. however it's nearly nearly as good|pretty much as good} if not as good because the D800. i might suppose the Nikon might need a position however at that i am unable to see why with the a99 you would not be proud of the noise levels. it's an honest stop and a 0.5 to 2 stops higher than the a77 or a850.

The dynamic vary to ME is that the biggest improvement over the a850. I had to use ND grads and Lightroom to induce my landscape shots prosperous with the a850. I even have closely-held many DSLRs over the years and have continually had to figure at protective the highlights and citing the shadows in post get the detail I wished. it's as those days ar over. I even have shot with a 2 stop grad and have gotten out of camera exposures with none would like for post process. I even have even have shoot a couple of ultimately into the sun wherever associate degree ND grad wasn't necessary the least bit. thereupon i have to say the a99 and Carl Zeiss 24-70mm would possibly simply be the most effective landscape lense jazz band on the market.

As way as color depth I even have to mention there's nothing wrong with the a850 in this space. however the colour depth of the a99 is actually nice. Deep made correct colours for sure.
I browse some of negative comments relating to the electronic read noticeer however I find it nothing however nice. although i have not shot lots of burst to examine out write time to the cardboard or the buffer size i might expect it to be concerning a similar because the a77. Shooting a large amount of images like at a football game game will get annoying with the finder blanking out because the camera writes to the cardboard. If I shot sports lots or was a professional i could not just like the electronic read finder the maximum amount.

Focus peaking is that the best invention that has came out since mud removal or image stabilization. What am i able to say? As a landscape creative person the lean out screen and focus peaking is pretty much as good because it gets. Setting the camera near the bottom and having the ability to compose the shot and focus with exactitude. and since the mirror does not flop up, it's associate degree SLT, there's no would like for mirror lock up. pictures ar super sharp and that i am less probably to induce associate degree out of focus image. and the shutter is incredibly quite. this can be necessary if you shoot life. conjointly I will use the amount on the liquid crystal display and take the guess compute of obtaining grade horizon. With the a99 I even have taken a couple of footage that have completely required no post process work, none.

source: http://www.photographyreview.com/cat/cameras/digital-cameras/digital-slrs/sony/alpha-a99/prd_500756_3127crx.aspx

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