Canon D5200 - Refinement D5100

The Nikon D5100 may be a solid camera with wonderful photograph and video quality, however comparatively sluggish performance tarnishes its attract on behalf of me. Nikon fixes that within the D5200 with identical new optical device and metering systems that debuted within the D600, and Associate in Nursing updated higher-end optical device, and therefore the result's a perceptibly higher shooting expertise that produces it a wonderful selection for all-round family and vacation photography.

Image quality
As with the D5100, still and motion image quality remains excellent; however despite a replacement sensing element and updated image-processing engine, it isn't perceptibly higher. The camera will an excellent job optimizing its JPEGs -- whereas raw still offers you a lot of adjustment latitude than JPEG, there does not appear to be any profit for sharpness or noise reduction till you hit regarding ISO 1600. pictures look pack up through ISO 800, sensible through ISO 1600, and stay usable through ISO 6400 relying upon subject material and output size.

Exposure and dynamic vary look sensible, although the camera tends to supply darker exposures than I expect underneath a given set of circumstances. redeemable highlight and shadow detail square measure in line with what I expect from a camera in its category. It reproduces colours with solid accuracy, and therefore the default color settings do not push distinction or saturation overmuch; the most important distinction between the quality and neutral settings appears to be sharpness.

Video appearance sensible similarly, with suprisingly few artifacts. Even low-light video, that on several cameras tends to point out plenty of sparkling and moiré on edges as noise will increase, displayed nice solidity. The tonal vary will decrease because the setting gets darker, with a lot of blown-out highlights and crushed blacks -- that is common -- however otherwise it's wonderful.

The performance of the Nikon D5200 has improved quite an bit over the D5100, due to Associate in Nursing updated optical device system, however that is not while not qualification. (Note: I've left the D5100's performance times within the chart, they don't seem to be directly comparable attributable to our amendment in testing MEthodology; I enclosed them as a result of they strike me as roughly representative. The T4i was tested victimization our current system.)

Because our shot lag tests incorporate a major distance refocus Associate in Nursingd exposure adjustment -- we start with the lens adjusted for an object near the camera, out of the vary of the lights before specializing in the a lot of distant, otherwise lit scene -- how briskly the lens drives to the new location well affects lag time. Since the D5200 has no inbuilt AF motor, that performance are heavily determined by the motor within the lens, and during this case, the 18-55mm kit lens drives comparatively slowly. However, our shot-to-shot times, that do not need any signficant lens movement or exposure adjustment, do mirror the speed boost.

The camera powers on and shoots quickly, in about 0.3 second. Time to focus, expose and shoot in sensible lighting takes regarding zero.5 second and in poor lighting regarding zero.8 second. 2 sequential shots run a wonderful zero.2 second for either JPEG or raw, and therefore the flash will increase that to one.2 seconds, although the latter is tough to live as a result of the camera does not answer a shutter press (i.e., you cannot prefocus) till the flash has completed usage.

It has wonderful continuous-shooting performance for its category, 5.1fps JPEG for Associate in Nursing effectively unlimited variety of frames (more than 40) while not fastness, a minimum of once equipped with a quick 95MB/sec SD card. For raw, it maintains five.5fps for eight frames, then slows -- unpredictably -- to regarding a pair of.2fps.

The updated optical device system is quick and correct, and as was common its continuous focus following system appears to figure practically. (I did not have the chance to check it extensively, however.) That aforementioned, the auto-area AF choice is as comparatively retarded as most of its peers, tending to pick out the closest or brightest space within the scene. though I did not formally take a look at the Live read (contrast) optical device speed, in observe it felt astonishingly responsive most of the time, each for stills and video. whereas it uses Nikon's full-time  AF for video, it isn't as quick or quiet as Canon's memory contrast-AF implementation; on the opposite hand, it's most likely quick and quiet enough for many uses (though it depends upon the lens), and it does not need an entire new set of pricey lenses.

Unfortunately, I still realize the show slightly too contrasty, oftentimes deceptive ME into thinking my exposures square measure off.

Design and options

Like several in its value category, the D5200 feels plasticky, however solid and comparatively light-weight. On the top-right shoulder of the camera sits the cluttered-looking mode dial with the same old set of manual, semimanual, and automatic modes and a Live read switch extending from it. The show record button, information button, and exposure compensation buttons square measure behind the jazz band shutter button and power switch, with a drive mode button on the center right. the rear controls square measure organized in an exceedingly typical fashion. info|the knowledge|the data} edit button -- to not be confused with the data button on the highest -- brings up the interactive information show wherever you modify most of your shooting settings. whereas there is still no thanks to lock the navigation switch to forestall accidental AF-point changes, I did not have the maximum amount bother with it now around. I like a thumb-operated record button and realize the drive-mode button a trifle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} small and exhausting to feel, however overall the camera delivers a efficient shooting expertise.

Though the optical device has similar specs thereto of the D5100's, and it's still slightly dim, it currently has massive, visible AF space markers Associate in Nursingd an optional  grid overlay; as i actually hate the small AF dots of its forerunner and Canon's Rebel series, to ME this is often an enormous improvement.

Like the body style, the feature set hasn't modified a lot of, however it's fairly all-round for its category -- as long as you do not yearn for on-board wireless file transfer or geotagging. The few tight effects choices embrace the clever visual modality mode, a awfully helpful thanks to profit of the sensor's capability of skyrocketing gain up to ISO 102,400. In color, the results would be useless. however by changing the results to black and white, you get the flexibility to shoot in close to darkness and procure usable -- although not optimum for high-resolution printing -- results. All operate in show capture similarly as still.

The two-shot HDR autocombine implementation remains annoying -- you've got to travel into the menus and re-enable it when each shot unless you assign it to Fn. however there square measure different things i need to assign to Fn. In either case, Nikon clearly views it as a one-shot override feature instead of a setting you'll have to use repeatedly for a brief time. moreover, 2 shots do not extremely give a "high" dynamic vary, simply a rather extended one. It works OK for gap up some shadow detail, however will very little to bring down the highlights. If you wish to try to to HDR the old style manner, you'll not be excited with the D5200's choices. It offers three-shot bracketing up to 2 stops.

On the opposite hand, Nikon's perpetually been there for time-lapse shooters, and therefore the inbuilt intervalometer remains a key advantage. There are 9 custom image vogue settings slots, and you'll outline up to ninety nine in software system and share them among multiple cameras. like the T4i, though, there is not any thanks to save and recall custom settings.

Like Nikon's different client dSLR bodies, the dearth of Associate in Nursing AF motor within the body implies that the D5200 needs the company's AF-S lenses if you intend to use optical device. that is not a major disadvantage for the everyday client WHO does not purchase plenty of lenses, however it's unsatisfactory if you wish a reasonable body to combine with more-expensive lenses.


While on paper the D5200 does not extremely stand out from the specialised competition -- Canon has its video-optimized AF system, Pentax has its weather-resistant bodies, and Sony has its speedy models with inbuilt geotagging -- it quite succeeds as a general model for family and vacation photography.

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