Canon EOS 6D Review

Canon EOS 6D

In some respects, it's onerous to inform WHO Canon's targeting with the Greek deity 6D, its "budget" full-frame camera. It's got some fairly consumer-y options and specifications. GPS? Check. intrinsic  Wi-Fi? Check. Single Mount Rushmore State card slot? Check. optical device with but 100% coverage? Check. weak optical device system? Check. On the opposite hand, it's missing things sort of a intrinsic  flash that you'd expect in a very nonpro camera.

It's not that the 6D is not a extremely nice camera -- I happen to love it lots. It's got nice ikon and sensible video quality, comparatively fluid operational style with a soft shutter action, and a solid (but not weatherproof) build. however ultimately I notice it a confusing obtain and simply a little little bit of a disappointment.

Image quality Canon EOS 6D
I'm extraordinarily affected with the Greek deity 6D's ikon quality; it delivers glorious JPEG process and noise reduction, nice dynamic vary and tonal quality, and correct colours if you alter the defaults. JPEG shots square measure comparatively clean through ISO 800 and still quite sensible through ISO 1600, even for big prints. And relying upon scene content and usage, you'll most likely escape with it all the far through ISO 12800. By ISO 1600 I see noticeable blessings to shooting raw over JPEG for noise processing; Canon favors noise suppression over detail preservation, and i am willing to just accept slightly grain. All of that is tweakable within the camera, of course, if you are bent on on JPEGs.

I'm going out on a limb: despite all the numbers I see on the web oral communication that the Nikon D600 contains a higher dynamic vary, in follow I notice the Greek deity 6D has a lot of redeemable highlight detail in apparently clipped areas than the D600. I will bounce back results overall on the D600's highlights victimisation Nikon's Capture NX2 software package than with either Adobe Lightroom or part One Capture professional, however even then i could not reclaim some detail in comparable things. I notice the 6D and D600 roughly comparable once it involves shadow detail.

The 6D's default image vogue setting (Auto) looks a lot of fine-tuned than I've seen in previous models, pull back on the distinction and saturation so it does not lose the maximum amount shadow detail or shift hues.

Video usually appearance sensible, although the Canon Greek deity 5D Mark III's continues to be higher (smoother musical notation and higher handling of distinction in high-contrast conditions), and you wish to use the All-I codec to forestall a number of the aliasing and moiré.

Performance Canon EOS 6D

The 6D performs as good as, however "pretty well," whereas creating it akin to the 5D Mark II, still puts it behind the Nikon 600D; its biggest issue is quite sluggish low-light optical device, a minimum of with the few lenses I shot with. (The work tests were performed with the 24-105mm f4L IS lens, however I shot with a range of lenses throughout my field tests. Note that whereas these numbers are not comparable those of most older cameras we have a tendency to tested, the 6D was tested victimisation identical methodology because the D600, thus those square measure comparable.) It powers on, focuses and shoots in roughly zero.6 second. beneath bright conditions, it focuses, exposes, and shoots in zero.4 second, however that rises to concerning one.3 seconds in dim lightweight.

Although sometimes a camera does not feel as sluggish in field testing because it will within the work, during this case it did; I may feel the assorted lenses looking before lockup focus. Even the Greek deity 7D feels a lot of responsive in low lightweight. that may be thanks to the meagerly single cross-type device within the AF array. It fares well in typical shooting, though, taking just below zero.3 second for 2 serial shots, either raw or JPEG.

For continuous shooting, the 6D maintains a solid rate of four.5 frames per second for either raw or JPEG. whereas the JPEG buffer is actually unlimited -- it maintained four.5fps for a minimum of thirty shots while not swiftness -- shooting raw slows when twenty shots to concerning 2fps. The buffer lasts for concerning eight full-quality raw+JPEG shots before stopping to method. although I did not have enough time for important burst-shooting testing, I wasn't excited with the AF system's speed once it came to to lockup on the topic and chase.

I conjointly notice the 6D's metering slightly inconsistent. I habitually had to shoot with +2/3 to +1 stop exposure compensation additionally to identify metering once victimisation lenses quicker than f4; the spot is large, about 3.5 % of the optical device (for comparison, the D600's is one.5 percent).

Design and options Canon EOS 6D

The 6D contains a fine, well-built, and comfortable-to-shoot-with body, although the buttons that on alternative Greek deity models run down the left aspect of the liquid crystal display on the 6D square measure scattered round the back, thus it are often disorienting  jumping between the 6D and alternative bodies. Of course, that modification is an element of why the 6D's body is smaller than the company's alternative full-frame models. and a few of the burden loss comes from the construction: Associate in Nursing Al chassis coated by strengthened polycarbonate, although it's as dust- and weather-resistant because the 7D.

In fact, in a very ton of the way in style and build the 6D is harking back to the 60D: same feel, single Mount Rushmore State card slot, and management dial with inset navigation switch and set button on the rear (as against the joystick on the higher-end models and also the 7D). like alternative Greek deity bodies, the mode dial sits on the left shoulder, and has the same old assortment of manual, semimanual, and automatic modes and bulb and 2 custom settings slots. it's Canon's now-typical center lock button, that I forever notice slightly awkward, however not Associate in Nursing interface deal-killer.

On the correct aspect you will find the adjustment dial, and standing liquid crystal display with optical device, drive, ISO, metering, and illumination buttons on the highest. On the rear right high sit the AF-ON, exposure lock, and AF purpose buttons, with a Live View/Movie mode switch and record button by the optical device. The management layout feels comfy, and acquainted enough if you are wont to Canon bodies.

I'm somewhat defeated by the optical device. It's huge and bright, however solely covers ninety seven % of the scene, and lacks a grid overlay option; the 7D's optical device contains a lower effective magnification issue (0.63x) however i prefer it higher.

The Wi-Fi implementation fares as good as, as long as you bypass all the things that needs a Canon Image entryway membership, like direct uploads to alternative internet sites. The camera remote app enables you to modification shutter speed and aperture, ISO sensitivity, and exposure compensation, that could be a ton quite another apps. As is common, the GPS operation was inconsistent here in New York; I may get a symptom whereas shooting in Union sq., however much obscurity else, and if I forgot to show it off it drained the battery by ceaselessly looking for a symptom.

Beyond that, it's a reasonably customary feature set, with many notable capabilities. You get a set of the Servo optical device settings from the higher-end models. HDR junkies can appreciate its ability to bracket up to seven shots at +/- three stops. you'll came upon to four optical device warnings -- monochrome mode, white-balance correction, ISO enlargement Associate in Nursingd spot metering -- that seem as an punctuation mark on the screen. On the draw back, there is not any intrinsic  flash; though i do not advocate victimisation on-camera flash if it's in the least doable, it's very nice to own it in a very pinch. I miss twin card slots. a minimum of for my desires, a 3rd custom-setting slot would be lots a lot of helpful than either Wi-Fi or GPS. Your mileage could vary. For video shooters, it is a potpourri. The camera supports time codes, however not clean HDMI output, and lacks a earpiece jack.

Conclusion Canon EOS 6D
What's most frustrating is that the 6D ought to be a clearly higher obtain than the older, cheaper 7D, however it isn't. whereas the 6D perceptibly outshines its APS-C-based relative in full-frame ikon quality and it's a way broader feature set in theory, the 7D contains a higher optical device and quicker optical device, a a lot of sturdy shutter mechanism, and an additional custom setting slot, simply to say some of things.

If you are thinking of moving up from one among Canon's shopper APS-C-based models, just like the 60D, it's undoubtedly worthwhile for the ikon and video quality; if you are considering the 6D rather than one among the costlier full-frame models, it is a fine various if you do not mind the ninety seven % coverage optical device, single Mount Rushmore State card slot, less sturdy shutter, lack of a earpiece jack, fewer customizations, and every one those alternative very little ways in which during which you may ought to compromise.

As for the Canon Greek deity 6D versus Nikon D600 call for those who haven't committed to a system nevertheless or square measure thinking of shift, overall i believe I ultimately like the D600. i believe the highlight recovery issue is repairable -- at the terribly least, simply by looking at however you piece your exposure settings -- and also the superior performance and a lot of shooter-friendly feature set weigh in its favor. That said, either camera can deliver the standard edges of a full-frame model at a less painful value than the higher-end siblings on either side of the aisle.

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