Nikon Coolpix A Review

Nikon Coolpix A Review

The latest manufacturer to deliver is Nikon, with its new Coolpix A, a fixed-focal-length lens model with AN APS-C sensing element on the lines of Fujifilm's well-liked X100 and X100s. At $1,099, however, this camera is not for everybody, and initially look has a minimum of a handful of competitive weaknesses.

The trend toward larger sensing element sizes is very important, as a result of all things being equal, larger sensors tend to deliver higher quality, and makers tend to surround them with higher quality elements. however the cameras also are essentially larger and equipped with fixed-focal length, instead of zoom lenses (for higher optics). At their higher costs, though, many folks realize that a camera with a medium-size sensing element cost accounting a whole bunch less is sweet enough.

During my temporary likelihood to handle the Coolpix A, it actually felt solid and well-designed. The manual specialise in the lens ring is servoelectronic, that some folks don't love, however optical device appeared zippy enough. I would like it had a true grip rather than the only ridge on the front, though.

On the and aspect, it's comparatively compact, simply slightly larger than the RX100 and considerably smaller than the X100s. It conjointly encompasses a larger, denser liquid crystal {display|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display compared with the rather "meh" version on the X100s. i feel the X100s' 35mm-equivalent lens could be a very little a lot of sensible than the Nikon's 28mm, although that is a private preference; the Fujifilm's could be a stop quicker, though.

But there is quite an little bit of a draw back. i think the road value of the Coolpix A are going to be concerning $999 and therefore the X100s concerning $1,099 (based on the value history of the X100), which might be pretty competitive -- if the Coolpix A had a constitutional optical device. Nikon are going to be charging $450 for a comparatively normal Reverse Galilean with ninety % coverage. The X100s not solely has one inbuilt, however it is a cool hybrid one. Fujifilm's model conjointly uses the company's OLPF-free X-Trans CMOS II and encompasses a 9-bladed aperture for rounder, power tool out-of-focus areas, compared to the Nikon's seven blades -- the minimum you'll escape with for good results. whereas the Nikon's sensing element ought to be pretty smart -- i feel it is the same or like the one within the D5200 with some tweaks to optimize the sunshine gathering during this style -- plenty of parents should wish to envision considerably higher image quality for the additional few hundred greenbacks over a camera with a smaller sensing element just like the RX100 or the Canon G1 X. And battery life? i assumed 330 shots was unhealthy for a $1,200 camera, however Nikon's rating of 230 shots is abysmal.

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