Canon 60D vs 50D Comparison

Canon 60D vs 50D Comparison

The Canon 60D is reduced in nearly all dimensions, except for the overall thickness. Width and height are smaller by one and two millimeters respectively, and the shoulders slope a bit more. An infrared sensor appears on the 60D grip, while it's long been absent from the 50D and its predecessors. Bravo.

The Canon 60D's left-mounted LCD hinge seems to be a clear reason that the overall control set has been reduced from the 50D, as there's no longer room for the buttons across the bottom of the LCD, nor is there room on the left.

The LCD is most changed from the 50D, as it's now tapered instead of rectangular. Front-to-back thickness is increased by five millimeters, while the pentaprism/flash size is noticeably smaller. Finally it's obvious from this angle how much smaller the grip is; that'll be good for some, not for others depending on your hand size.

Source: www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/E60D/E60DA.HTM

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