Canon 60D vs Nikon D7000 Comparison

Canon 60D vs Nikon D7000 Comparison

The Canon 60D is slightly larger than the Nikon D7000, mostly in width, but the Canon xxD line has shrunk somewhat to take on the D90 and D7000. The 60D even includes an infrared receiver, located on the grip, while the Nikon D7000's IR port appears on the upper right of the lens mount. A key advantage remains in the D7000, though, which is the AF-assist lamp. The two lenses address similar needs, with the Canon covering 28.8-216mm, and the Nikkor covering a slightly wider and shorter 27-157.5mm; both are f/3.5-5.6 and image-stabilized. The Canon 60D is also missing the equivalent of AF Fine-tuning, something the D7000 retains (an important feature if you have a lens that front or back-focuses).

The top view shows the smaller packing size of the Nikon D7000. Note the use of D-rings on the Nikon, which, while nostalgic, have the unfortunate tendency to rattle, noise that can be heard in videos made using the internal microphone. The Canon design mates metal with cloth, with no metal-to-metal contact that can rattle. The Canon 60D still leaves a few more controls on the top deck, while the Nikon D7000 has the power switch in a position where it's very easy to activate with your finger at the ready. The Canon 60D also has a locking mode dial.

The back of the Canon 60D shows what might be behind the wider body: it has an articulating LCD with a hinge, and the aspect ratio of the LCD is wider than the Nikon's. Which you prefer is quite individual. I find the D7000 grip small but extremely efficient, offering good room and bite for the fingertips and the thumb and heel of my hand to get excellent control very quickly. The Canon 60D's grip is a little more tacky with excellent texture, but though there is a slight ridge to help the fingertips grip better, it's not quite as sure a hold as the D7000's. There's still more room to spread your thumb over the 60D's back, though. That's an assessment for my hands, but your experiences will differ. Most of the 60D's controls are grouped on the right side of the camera, thanks to the hinge on the left of the LCD that enables it to swing out and help you capture images from a wide variety of angles. Both designs offer reasonably quick access to Movie mode. The 60D's hot shoe can be sealed from water when used with a 580EX II flash. Otherwise, both control arrangements are pretty good, if completely different.

Source: www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/E60D/E60DA.HTM

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