Smart Camera Samsung DV150F Dual-View

Samsung DV150F Dual-View Smart Camera review:

On the surface, you will find Associate in Nursing alphanumeric display on back for framing and viewing your shots similarly as a smaller alphanumeric display on front for self-portraits. This second screen may also be accustomed show a brief animation to urge the eye of alittle kid or probably a pet similarly as a enumeration once victimisation the self-timer.

Inside, there is a Wi-Fi radio for causing those self-portraits straight to a smartphone or pill for fast uploading and sharing, or backing informed a pc or in cloud storage, or directly causing by e-mail or uploading to Facebook, among many different choices.

Unfortunately, Samsung conjointly place within Associate in Nursing inferior device to the backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS ones found in its slightly higher-end models, just like the WB250F good Camera. the selection little question helped keep the value low, but $150 during this case, however it conjointly makes the DV150F less capable in low lightweight while not a flash.

But, if you are doing most of your shooting outdoors in smart lightweight, the DV150F's 2 fun options create this affordable problem-solving camera value considering.

Photo quality
Photo quality from the Samsung DV150F is sweet up to ISO two hundred. it is not a camera you'd wish to use in low-light conditions or inside while not a flash. At ISO 400, a standard sensitivity for well-lit indoor photos, subjects look soft, however square measure passable at little sizes. The photos get a lot of worse on top of ISO four hundred, discovering plenty of noise and artifacts and losing detail to the purpose wherever subjects look unclean. (You will read this slide somewhat larger to urge a stronger plan.)

Actually, noise and artifacts square measure slightly of a drag even at the camera's lowest ISO sensitivities once photos square measure viewed at full size; if you would like to enlarge and heavily crop your photos, i would not opt for the DV150F. However, if you are considering this camera for its online-sharing capabilities and do not generally create giant prints on top of 8x10s, the DV150F's shots square measure OK. you'll scan additional regarding pic quality within the slideshow on top of.

Video quality is sweet enough for net use at little sizes, however nothing you'd wish to look at at larger sizes on Associate in Nursing television. Panning the camera can produce vibrate that is typical of the video from most compact cameras. The camera lens will perform throughout recording, however Samsung applies a noise filter whereas it's moving, that muffles the audio overall. it's moderately fast to focus and change exposure. Also, you will notice some vertical smear once shooting with bright lightweight sources; this can be common with shopper CCD sensors. All in all, the DV150F is okay for brief clips in smart lighting.

Shooting performance
This camera is usually too slow for photos of active youngsters and pets. Yes, you'll continually get lucky and if you're really expert at anticipating action, you will be ready to get clean shots -- particularly fully sun. The time from off to initial shot is not dangerous at one.8 seconds. However, its shutter lag -- the time it takes from pressing the shutter unleash to capture while not prefocusing -- is zero.5 second in bright lighting and zero.6 second in dim, that is enough to miss the shot you were when. From shot to shot, you will be waiting regarding one.9 seconds on the average and a couple of.5 seconds if you are shooting with the flash.

The camera will have an eternal shooting setting which will capture at up to zero.7 frame per second. Focus and exposure square measure set with the primary shot, though, thus if the topic is moving quick, it would not be focussed terribly long.

Design and options
Samsung appeared to exit of its thanks to hide the front screen on past Dual-View models. With the DV150F, you recognize it's there, particularly on the white version I tested (the camera is accessible in plum and black, too); on a retail shelf next to a bunch of different little point-and-shoots it ought to currently stand out as being totally different.

The low-res one.5-inch screen kicks on with a button on prime of the camera. Press it once the camera is off and it will extend the lens, activate the front alphanumeric display solely, and place you right into a portrait mode with face detection. With the camera already on, striking the button simply activates the miscroscopic screen thus your subject will see his or herself or, counting on the mode you are in, Associate in Nursing animation to draw in a child's attention or a enumeration timer.

Samsung's Wi-Fi choices stay a number of the most effective obtainable and best to use on point-and-shoot cameras. If you have ever thought, "Why do i would like Wi-Fi in my camera?" Samsung has many answers to it question. It is accustomed connect with your Wi-Fi network for automatic backups to a Windows pc or Microsoft SkyDrive, viewing photos and motion picture clips on DLNA-equipped devices, or causing them by e-mail; to attach to different Samsung Wi-Fi cameras for direct sharing between cameras; to attach to hot spots or wirelessly tether to a smartphone; Associate in Nursingd to attach to an humanoid two.2-powered or higher smartphone or pill or iOS four.3 or higher device.

That last possibility is accustomed transfer content to sharing sites, however it'll conjointly enable you to regulate the camera remotely. Your show turns into a finder and you'll move the camera's camera lens similarly as hit the shutter unleash. it will conjointly use the device's GPS receiver to geotag your shots. And tho' doing all of those things antecedently needed 2 apps, Samsung's combined them into one and adscititious a replacement feature: AutoShare. Turning this feature on wirelessly pairs the camera with a phone or pill so each shot you are taking are directly sent from the camera to the device, prepared for you to transfer on the go or read on a bigger screen.

The DV150F could be a straightforward point-and-shoot, thus do not expect plenty of management over results. there's an evening Shot mode for setting the shutter speed from one second to sixteen seconds, however that is all the management you pass though shutter speed. you are doing get a healthy choice of automotive vehicle shooting choices, though, together with four modes that benefit of the front screen, similarly as an oversized choice of pic and motion picture filters.

Other extras you will find embrace a Live Panorama mode within which you'll produce straightforward panoramas simply by panning the camera, and a Motion pic mode for making animated GIFs privately on the fly (the results of that you'll see above; the additional lightweight you have got, the better).

At now, it's robust to suggest a camera with pic quality that won't considerably higher than you will get from the common smartphone. The Samsung DV150F Dual-View good Camera actually has 2 cool options in its easy-to-use Wi-Fi and twin LCDs. If you shoot plenty of self-portraits and know primarily outside in smart lighting, you will find this a fine camera.

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