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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Specification
Key specs Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V
Price (MSRP) $449.99
Dimensions (WHD) 4.9x3.5x3.8 inches
Weight (with battery and media) 1 pound, 4.3 ounces
Megapixels, image sensor size, type 18 megapixels, 1/2.3-inch Backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS
LCD size, resolution/viewfinder 3-inch LCD, 921K dots/Electronic
Lens (zoom, aperture, focal length) 30x, f2.8-5.6, 27-810mm (35mm equivalent)
File format (still/video) JPEG/AVCHD (.MTS); MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (.MP4)
Highest resolution size (still/video) 4,896x3,672 pixels/1,920x1,080 at 60fps (progressive; 28Mbps)
Image stabilization type Optical and digital
Battery type, CIPA rated life Li-ion rechargeable, 450 shots (490 viewfinder only)
Battery charged in camera Yes; via AC wall adapter or USB
Storage media SD/SDHC/SDXC; Memory Stick Pro Duo
Bundled software PlayMemories Home (Windows), Music Transfer (Windows, Mac)

On the surface -- and even somewhat to a lower place it -- the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V is that the same as its forerunner, the HX100V. it's identical 30x camera lens, 3-inch ultrahigh-resolution tilting liquid crystal display, and controls and shooting choices, together with manual and semimanual modes.

It does, however, have a brand new 18-megapixel sensing element and image processor, providing you with advantages like improved image stabilization once recording video; high-resolution stills whereas shooting video; and Sony's Clear Image Zoom, that digitally extends the zoom vary to 60x. you furthermore mght get additional inventive management in Intelligent and Superior motorcar modes and 9 inventive image effects. Its GPS practicality is improved, too, with support for work your path whereas you shoot (though powering it on and off still needs an excessive amount of creating by removal through menus).

Most significantly, its optical device system is quicker, providing you with a far better shot at capturing sharp photos even once the lens is totally zoomed in. Overall, it's a far better camera no matter appearances.

Photo quality
The ikon quality from the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V is extremely sensible to glorious, tho' it very depends on your desires and expectations. If you are considering shopping for this rather than a high-resolution digital SLR, you would be foiled. Like all of Sony's 2012 18-megapixel Cyber-shots, most photos viewed at full size are not spectacular. However, there is lots of usable resolution here, notably if you are shooting with lots of light-weight.

Below ISO four hundred, shots look sensible written up to 10x13, that is quite the general public want. obtaining a really sensible 8x10 with some enlarging and cropping is definitely doable, too. And if you ne'er print your shots, the HX200V's photos look nice on a video display or high-definition television.
As the camera goes on top of ISO four hundred, subjects do get perceptibly softer, however shots square measure usable at little sizes up to ISO 1600. If you wish higher low-light shots of still subjects, Sony's hand-held Twilight mode still produces a number of the simplest high-ISO photos I've seen from a point-and-shoot. However, i would not trouble victimisation the 2 highest ISOs, as they appear additional like artist's renderings than photos and have off colours.

Again, the HX200V isn't a dSLR (it does not even have the aptitude to capture raw images), except for individuals yearning for a protracted lens and a few higher management over results than the typical point-and-shoot offers, it is a safe bet.

The HX200V's video is nearly as good as its photos. With lots of light-weight you get nice-looking, swish video once recording at the camera's most AVCHD resolution of 1080/60p. there's little or no trailing on moving subjects or shake once panning the camera, tho' some is noticeable once viewed at larger screen sizes. In low light-weight, movies do have additional visible noise and artifacts and appearance softer, however square measure still superb. you are doing have use of the camera lens, that you will hear acquiring quieter scenes. Audio quality generally is extremely sensible, too, however sadly you are restricted to the stereo mic on prime.
Shooting performance
This is a fast-performing camera for its category. Its shot-to-shot times square measure on par with different CMOS sensor-based megazooms -- regarding one second while not flash, however deceleration all the way down to regarding three or four seconds with the flash in use. Its shutter lag, tho' -- the time from pressing the shutter unleash to capture while not prefocusing -- is sort of nothing in bright lighting. it had been nearly nearly as good in rheostat conditions or with lens extended. you may notice some retardation in optical device speeds with the lens extended and in low light-weight, however it's still higher than others during this category.

The HX200V's burst setting permits you to capture at full resolution at up to ten frames per second for ten photos. However, this burst shooting sets focus and exposure with the primary shot, and once you've got discharged, you are stuck looking ahead to the camera to save lots of the photos, typically a second or 2 per ikon.

In comparison, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 will shoot at up to 10fps while not continuous optical device and 5fps with optical device and it does not have to be compelled to stop nearly as long to store pictures. Overall, though, the Sony's speed, notably its shutter lag, is great for a point-and-shoot and therefore the megazoom class on the entire.

Design and options
Though it isn't the largest lifesize megazoom I've tested this year, the HX200V is by no suggests that little. It is, however, snug to use with a grammatical right-hand grip and enough weight, because of the hefty lens, to assist you retain the camera steady.

While it's going to not look like it's several direct controls over settings, it really will. there is a zoom management round the lens barrel, that is nice for little zoom changes and may be used for manually focusing the lens, too. you may additionally notice a programmable Custom button on prime, right behind the shutter unleash associate degreed zoom ring which will be used for an exposure lock, white balance, ND filter, metering, and Smile Shutter, Sony's smile-activated shutter unleash.

Next thereto could be a Focus button which will amendment your optical device mode or, if you are manually focusing, provides you attention check therefore you'll see if your subject is truly focused . Lastly, there is a jog dial to the correct of the thumb rest for dynamical ISO, exposure compensation, shutter speed, and aperture. you have got to press in on the dial to advance through till you gain the one you wish to vary. If you create lots of changes to those things, it will get deadening.
The liquid crystal display is massive and bright, creating it straightforward to ascertain in bright conditions; you may still struggle in direct sun, however you'll invariably use the electronic finder, tho' I found that to be somewhat little. (Note: there's a proximity sensing element next to the EVF permitting the camera to leap from the liquid crystal display to the EVF after you bring it to your eye. It takes a second or 2 to change, which could anger some users. there's a button to simply amendment between the 2, however you have got to cycle past the sensing element choice.)
With all its capabilities, the HX200V are often tough to use, notably if you are not at home with additional advanced compact cameras. However, the menus square measure straightforward enough to navigate, and if you are not positive what one thing will, there is a full manual hold on on the camera. that is sensible as a result of a number of the shooting modes have lots of settings and there square measure lots of buttons on this model. it would take a while to induce conversant in all this camera will do.
Like all of Sony's higher-end cameras, the Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V features a heap of shooting choices that profit of its quick Exmor R sensors and Bionz image processors. For those that wish to leave it in motorcar, there square measure 3 options: straightforward, Intelligent motorcar, and Superior motorcar. straightforward mode takes away all choices apart from image size (large or small) and enlarges onscreen text. Intelligent motorcar picks from thirty three scene varieties and activates face detection, dynamic vary improvement, and image stabilization. Superior motorcar takes Intelligent motorcar and adds 3 multishot modes: hand-held Twilight, opposed Motion Blur, and Backlight Correction HDR. These multishot modes can even be chosen as distinct modes in Scene choices, beside thirteen others like Soft Skin, Gourmet, and Pet.
If you are willing to require management aloof from the camera, there square measure Program, Aperture-priority, Shutter-speed-priority, and Manual modes for management over aperture and shutter speed. out there apertures square measure f2.8, f3.2, f3.5, f4.0, f4.5, f5.0, f5.6, f6.3, f7.1, and f8.0 for wide and f5.6, f6.3, f7.1, and f8.0 for telephotograph. (You can even flip its neutral density filter on or off.) Shutter speeds square measure adjustable from 1/4,000 second to thirty seconds. Plus, you get a live read of your exposure therefore you'll see regarding what you will get at your chosen ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings.

The Program mode can handle shutter speed and aperture whereas you are taking care of everything else, together with color modes, contrast, color saturation, and sharpness. If you return up with a bunch of settings you wish, the Memory Recall mode enables you to store 3 teams of settings for fast shooting along with your preferences.

The HX200V's motion picture mode is one among the simplest you will find in its class (though the Panasonic FZ150 bests the HX200V in shutter and aperture controls). It's capable of recording fully HD at 1080/60p at 28Mbps in AVCHD. it will record at lower bit rates, too, in AVCHD otherwise you will switch to MP4 format at resolutions of up to one,440x1,080 pixels. whereas there's an avid motion picture mode, you'll additionally simply press the record button anytime you wish to start out shooting. Pressing the shutter unleash whereas you are recording can grab 13-megapixel stills, too (though this is often not out there once recording at 1080/60p).

This is very simply scratching the surface of what the camera will do. verify my sample ikon slideshow to ascertain some samples of what i am talking regarding.

Conclusion: suggested
It might look like all of the lifesize megazooms square measure regarding identical, simply with totally different lenses, however they don't seem to be. Even among the high-end models from every manufacturer there square measure variations that may cause you to select one over another. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V is a superb selection for somebody yearning for a superior, long-lens compact camera that is superb in motorcar, however permits you to tailor your results if you are willing to require a number of the management aloof from it. However, if you wish the foremost management, verify the Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR and therefore the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150.

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