Superzoom Series | Nikon Coolpix P510 Review

Nikon Coolpix P510 Specification:

Price (MSRP) $429.95
Dimensions (WHD) 4.8x3.3x4.1 inches
Weight (with battery and media) 1 pound 3.6 ounces
Megapixels, image sensor size, type 16 megapixels, 1/2.3-inch backside-illuminated CMOS
LCD size, resolution/viewfinder 3-inch LCD, 921K dots/Yes, electronic
Lens (zoom, aperture, focal length) 42x, f3.0-5.9, 24-1,000mm (35mm equivalent)
File format (still/video) JPEG/H.264 AAC (MOV)
Highest resolution size (still/video) 4,608x3,456 pixels/1,920x1,080p at 30fps
Image stabilization type Optical and digital
Battery type, CIPA rated life Li-ion rechargeable, 240 shots
Battery charged in camera Yes; wall adapter or computer via Micro-USB
Storage media SD/SDHC/SDXC
Bundled software ViewNX 2 (Windows, Mac)

For those when absolutely the longest lens on a compact camera, meet the Nikon Coolpix P510. At roughly an equivalent size as Nikon's last life-size megazoom, the 36x 22.5-810mm P500, the P510 packs associate degree "oh wow"-inducing 42x 24-1,000mm lens.

The factor is, there don't seem to be lots of stuff you will do with a lens that long on what is primarily a camera. With the lens absolutely extended, it is very troublesome to carry the P510 still and keep your subject framed, and also the optical device is extremely slow, thus fast-moving targets square measure a challenge to shoot. Plus, whereas the image stabilization is extremely smart, you are still getting to wish it on a stand to avoid blur and victimization its higher ISO settings.

That said, the zoom vary will offer you lots of shooting flexibility and also the P510 has lots of different positive attributes that build it price recommending.
The Nikon Coolpix P510's exposure quality is extremely smart to wonderful and considerably higher than the P500. Now, that does not mean it's nearly as good as a digital SLR; picture element peepers can be thwarted by what its shots appear as if at 100%. For the P510's value and options, though, the general public ought to be over proud of its results.

 At its 2 lowest ISOs, subjects hasten with fine detail ok for big prints up to eleven.5x15. Things look softer as noise reduction will increase as you go up in sensitivity, however it is not till you reach ISO 800 that subjects lose important detail and appearance slightly smeary at smaller sizes onscreen or in prints.

ISO 1600 is OK for internet use, however colours look muddy. the very best sensitivities -- ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 -- very are not usable. that is unfortunate as a result of once this camera's lens is absolutely extended, they'd be useful. (Read a lot of regarding the P510's exposure capabilities within the sample exposure slideshow.)

Video quality is pretty smart, definitely ok for internet use and nondiscriminating TV viewing. Panning the camera can produce some vibrate and that i detected trailing behind fast-moving subjects, however that is typical of the video from most compact cameras. The optical lens will perform whereas recording, however you'll hear the motor in your clips as you utilize it. However, a much bigger issue is that the camera's slow optical device. In fact, there have been times once I extended the lens and it ne'er centered.

 The P510 contains a nice mixture of shooting modes, creating it an honest alternative for each snapshooters and people United Nations agency wish a lot of management. There square measure 2 motorcar modes on this camera. One is Nikon's Scene motorcar Selector, situated in with the opposite Scene modes. It adjusts settings fitly supported six common scene sorts. If the scene does not match any of these, it defaults to a general-use motorcar. Then there's associate degree motorcar mode, that shuts off all exposure settings from the user aside from image quality and size.

Outside of the Scene motorcar Selector there square measure sixteen different scene modes, like Landscape and Portrait moreover as a Pet Portrait mode that may mechanically shoot once it detects a cat or dog face, moreover as 2 panorama modes: simple and Panorama Assist. The latter uses a ghost image on the screen to assist you line up your serial photos. the previous simply needs you to press the shutter and pan the camera left, right, up, or right down to produce a panorama in private. These modes ne'er handle movement well, thus they are best used on scenery while not movement in it. Nikon additionally side an easy 3D exposure mode. It works just like the Panorama Assist mode; you are taking ammo, and move the camera slightly to the correct, and it fires off a second shot and combines them into one MPO file for viewing on a 3D show.

If you wish to try to to over simply purpose and shoot, Nikon includes Program, Aperture-priority, Shutter-speed-priority, and Manual modes on the P510. Shutter speeds square measure adjustable from eight seconds to 1/4,000 of a second. Apertures at the wide finish go from f3.0 to f8.3 with a complete of ten stops. The photograph finish has simply four stops: f5.9, f6.6, f7.4, and f8.3. on the far side aperture and shutter speed, Nikon includes manual changes for noise reduction, sharpening, contrast, and saturation, color filters and toning for monochrome photos, and things like exposure bracketing and flash exposure compensation. And if you come back up with a group you wish, you'll store them within the Custom mode for straightforward recall.

 The P510, in general, could be a fast-shooting camera. From off to initial shot is barely over a second, and shot-to-shot times each with and while not flash square measure regarding one.7 seconds. If you wish to shoot quicker, the camera's high-speed burst can capture at half dozen.5 frames per second at full resolution for up to {5} frames. different continuous-shooting choices embrace a low-speed full-resolution burst capable of 1fps for up to thirty frames and 120fps and sixtyfps bursts that capture up to 60 shots at VGA and 1-megapixel resolution, severally.

Shutter lag -- the time it takes from pressing the shutter unharness to capture while not prefocusing -- is zero.4 second in smart lighting and zero.7 second in variable resistor conditions. However, once you begin extending the lens, the camera takes longer to focus. Once you get resolute the one,000mm position, it will be terribly slow to focus. infrequently, once within the burst mode, it might capture before it may focus. this is not uncommon, simply one thing to bear in mind of if you are going to shoot fast-moving subjects at the photograph finish of the lens.

 The body style has barely modified from the P500. The camera is astonishingly compact considering the lens. and also the lens is absolutely the majority of the burden, that makes the remainder of the body feel light-weight and cheaply created. However, the right-hand grip is deep and cozy with a unsmooth rubber piece on front and also the giant lens barrel offers you ample house to carry and steady the camera together with your hand. The controls square measure well placed and responsive.

There's a tiny, but decent, electronic finder (EVF) and a vari-angle alphanumeric display for framing up your shots. The alphanumeric display pulls out from the body and may be tipped up or down, however it doesn't handle horizontally from the body and rotate. Like all LCDs and EVFs, the screen blanks out for a second once you've got taken an attempt, however it's moderately quick to recover. To the left of the EVF square measure a unit adjustment dial and a button for switch between the alphanumeric display and EVF. To its right square measure a show button for dynamic  what info is viewed on the displays and a pic record button.

 the remainder of the managements haven't modified from the P500 (it's a reasonably customary camera control layout). there's a rocker turn on the lens barrel for dominant the lens. It will be wont to pore and out (handy once shooting movies), snap the lens back a little in photograph ought to your subject move out of frame, or for manual focus. the sole different amendment could be a programmable perform button simply behind the shutter release; its default is for dynamic  continuous-shooting modes, however will be set for ISO, white balance, metering, AF space mode, color mode, or image size.

The battery compartment and card slot square measure below a door on very cheap. The battery life is tight for this camera, however victimization the wall adapter takes over four hours to totally charge the battery from zero. If a typical day of shooting can embrace the high-speed burst modes and pic capture and victimization the 3-inch alphanumeric display and also the zoom lots, you will need a backup battery.

Outputs square measure below a canopy on the body's right side; you get a Mini-HDMI and a Micro-USB/AV port. {there's no|there is no|there isn't associate degreey|there is not any} accent shoe for an add-on flash, limiting you to the aboard pop-up one. It does not mechanically rise once required, remaining off till you push a button on the left aspect of the camera. It's adequately powerful and there square measure flash exposure compensation settings out there.

Lastly, the P510 has inherent GPS. It's strictly there for geotagging photos, thus no fancy maps or something like that. however it absolutely was comparatively quick to lock onto a proof, even within the middle of latest dynasty enclosed by tall buildings. Nikon sagely gave it its own tab within the menu interface, creating it simple to show it on and off.

I'm still unsure there is a smart reason to possess a 42x optical lens on a compact camera. But, regardless, the Nikon Coopix P510 is overall a awfully smart life-size megazoom although you ne'er use the complete zoom vary. And, actually, it's most likely higher if you do not.

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