Superzoom Series | Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 review

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 specification: 

Specs Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
Price (MSRP) $599.95
Dimensions (WHD) 4.9x3.4x4.3 inches
Weight (with battery and media) 1.3 pounds
Megapixels, image sensor size, type 12 megapixels, 1/2.3-inch MOS
LCD size, resolution/viewfinder 3-inch LCD, 460K dots/electronic
Lens (zoom, aperture, focal length) 24x, f2.8, 25-600mm (35mm equivalent)
File format (still/video) JPEG, raw (RW2)/AVCHD (MTS), H.264 AAC (MP4)
Highest resolution size (still/video) 4,000x3,000 pixels/1,920x1,080 pixels at 60fps (progressive, 28Mbps)
Image stabilization type Optical and digital
Battery type, CIPA rated life Lithium ion rechargeable, 540 shots
Battery charged in camera No; wall adapter supplied
Storage media SD/SDHC/SDXC
Bundled software PhotofunStudio 8.3 PE Edition (Windows), Silkypix Developer Studio 3.1 SE (Windows, Mac)

One of the most problems wherever megazoom camera lenses (and point-and-shoot zoom lenses in general) ar involved is that, to stay size and price down, the apertures get progressively smaller as you extend the lens. that is not the case for the Panasonic Lumix FZ200, though.

Smaller apertures mean you are rental in less and fewer light-weight, which implies you wish to use high ISO settings to stay shutter speeds quick enough to forestall blur. whereas dSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras will prove sensible high-ISO results, that is seldom the case with point-and-shoots.

The FZ200's lens, however, has an f2.8 aperture through its entire zoom range: 25mm to 600mm. which means notwithstanding you do not have nice lighting, the camera will not directly have to be compelled to increase ISO sensitivity to induce a correct exposure once you begin exploitation the zoom.

That doesn't mechanically mean it is a higher megazoom than the rest immediately, however the remainder of the camera puts it over the highest. several of its options ar straight from its forerunner, the superb FZ150, however you furthermore may get associate degree improved optical device system, a high-res electronic optical device (EVF), and a brand new high-sensitivity 12-megapixel MOS detector. It's loaded with shooting choices for each user level, and associate degree updated interface and a lot of direct management over settings.
It is costlier than competitory models with longer zooms, however longer lenses do not mean higher footage.

Picture quality
The FZ200's new detector and improved JPEG image process do end in slightly higher photos (and video, for that matter) than we have a tendency to got from its forerunner, the FZ150. element peepers can see noise and artifacts, even at ISO a hundred, however the photos ar still a lot of usable at larger sizes up to ISO four hundred. And with the f2.8 aperture offered through the zoom vary, you do not have to be compelled to be shooting fully sun or exploitation its higher ISO settings to induce a decent shot. In fact, throughout shooting in mixed daylight conditions, the camera seldom went higher than ISO four hundred.
When you are shooting with less light-weight with the lens absolutely extended and you are attempting to freeze action, however, you'll likely still would like its higher ISOs. Photos do get perceptibly softer at ISO 800, however higher than that things get smeary. If you do not just like the results you are obtaining from Panasonic's JPEG process, you'll be able to continuously shoot in Panasonic's RW2 raw format and method the photos yourself. when some fast changes exploitation Adobe Camera Raw in Adobe Lightroom four.1 (nothing troublesome, simply moving some sliders), i used to be ready to improve color, detail, and quantity of noise. The camera's performance does not curtail once shooting in raw or raw and JPEG, either.

Colors ar bright and pleasing and exposure is usually superb, however highlights tend to blow out -- typical of point-and-shoots. Again, shooting in raw will assist you regain some detail loss and alter color if you are not happy with Panasonic's JPEG output. There are controls for creating changes to paint additionally as associate degree HDR mode for shooting backlit subjects.

Keep in mind, though, this is often not a digital SLR or interchangeable lens camera, or maybe a large-sensor compact. Those cameras can get you higher image quality, however they can't give you associate degree f2.8 25-600mm lens during a compact body at a value even remotely near the FZ200's. you are paying for skillfulness, features, and convenience here over image quality.

The FZ200's movies ar equally pretty much as good as its photos. With sensible lighting you get glorious results, particularly once shooting in 1080p60 in AVCHD format. For a lot of Web-friendly video you'll be able to record in MP4, too. The optical lens will work whereas recording, although you may hear it moving and probably the continual optical device in quieter scenes. Overall, if you are looking for one thing to shoot image and films with, this is often a superb selection.

Shooting performance
If you shoot lots of moving subjects, like youngsters, pets, and sports, the FZ200's multiple burst-shooting choices offer you lots of flexibility and a fighting probability of obtaining a decent image. Its quickest burst modes -- forty frames per second and 60fps -- ar at reduced resolutions, however Panasonic packed in 3 at full resolution. there is one that captures up to twelve shots at 12fps, however that sets focus and exposure with the primary shot. what is higher ar the 2fps and five.5fps choices with optical device, thus you are able to induce a moderately fast-moving subject focussed and properly exposed. Plus, these ar offered once shooting in raw and JPEG or raw and its performance is simply as fast. The camera's high-speed shooting conjointly provides bracketing choices for flash intensities and exposures.

Other aspects of the FZ200's shooting performance ar glorious additionally. Shutter lag -- the time from pressing the shutter unharness to capture -- is low at zero.2 second in bright lighting and zero.4 second in dim, low-contrast lighting. From shot to shot while not the flash you are waiting only one second; adding the flash extends that point to three seconds. The time from off to initial shot is one.2 seconds, that is extremely sensible for this camera category. Basically, the FZ200 is as quick as you are going to induce with what is primarily a photographic camera at its core.

Design and options
Generally speaking, the FZ200 is well-designed and nice to use, however there ar some points against it. First, the plastic body makes it want a lesser camera than you'd expect for $600. there is associate degree ample hand grip thus you'll be able to well manage its one.3-pound weight, that homes your memory card and an oversized reversible battery that is CIPA-rated for up to 540 shots. However, the compartment is blocked from gap if you are exploitation the camera on a stand, otherwise you attach a stand quick-release plate or use a strap that attaches to the stand socket. Yes, you'll be able to continuously attach its Micro-USB cable to transfer stuff off the camera, however the battery should be removed to be charged. (Also, though cables ar fairly straightforward to come back by, the USB port is proprietary.)

On prime at the side of the shutter release/zoom lever, power switch, and Mode dial ar a one-touch record button for movies, a button for quickly setting burst modes, and a programmable operate button. On the rear, below the electronic optical device (EVF), may be a flip-out, rotating 3-inch liquid crystal display. The EVF is of a far higher resolution than you will find on different compact cameras, although there's a small rainbow impact if you blink or shift your eye position. Also, shift between the EVF and liquid crystal display is completed with a button, which may be frustrating if you wish to use the liquid crystal display for setting changes or quickly reviewing shots.
To the left of the liquid crystal display ar the most controls for menu navigation and shooting. they are all well-spaced and simple to press, and there is a jog dial for quickly ever-changing settings like aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. there's a second programmable operate button additionally as associate degree AF/AE lock button that may be reprogrammed for one more operate. The management pad conjointly has direct access to ISO, white balance, AF modes, and timers.

The lens barrel has further controls: a switch for ever-changing from optical device, AF macro, or manual focus; attention button that triggers the variable AF space or offers you a one-shot AF to assist with manual focusing; and a secondary zoom management, that offers slightly electric sander management than the most zoom round the shutter unharness, and might be used for manual focus, too.
Beyond its direct controls, enthusiasts can appreciate the recent shoe on prime for adding totally different flash units; the 55mm rib mount for conversion lenses and filters; and therefore the mic/remote socket. Panasonic even includes a lens hood.
Like the FZ150, the FZ200 is full of shooting choices for each level of lensman, creating it a superb selection as a camera for the full family. For those that prefer to leave things on automatic, there is Intelligent automobile (iA), which mixes scene recognition with Panasonic's full assortment of image-processing technologies to assist with exposure, autofocus, ISO, and sharpness. there is conjointly associate degree Hawkeye State and mode that adds straightforward sliders for exposure compensation, background defocus (aperture), and white balance, that is especially useful once shooting inside or in mixed lighting.
There ar eighteen scene modes that embody the standard suspects like Portrait, Scenery, and Food, however Panasonic has supplementary its newer pan-and-shoot Panorama Shot and multiexposure HDR modes to the combo. there's conjointly a multiexposure hand-held Night Shot that takes ten footage during a row then combines them into one to scale back motion blur and noise. If you wish filters and effects, there ar fourteen of them within the artistic management mode, all of which may be applied in playback, too.

For those that need management over shutter speed and aperture, there ar priority modes for every additionally as a manual mode that allows you to management each. Shutter speeds go from sixty seconds to 1/4,000 second (1/8 to 1/20,000 second for movies). Apertures go from f2.8 to f8 for the complete zoom vary. However, you'll be able to management rather more in these modes and Program mode than shutter speed and aperture. There ar six color varieties and a custom color kind, for instance, every with five-step sliders for ever-changing distinction, sharpness, saturation, and noise reduction that may then be keep in memory. Basically, if you do not just like the approach the photos ar popping out, you'll be able to tweak lots of things, as well as white balance, focus, and ISO, to induce the camera playing the approach you wish. And, for settings mixtures you utilize often, you'll be able to store up to four custom profiles.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 is that the nighest you are going to induce to a digital-SLR expertise with a megazoom camera. Its little 1/2.3-inch-type detector is that the same size you will find in different point-and-shoot cameras, and whereas its image quality is great for what it's, cameras with larger sensors, like dSLRs or interchangeable-lens compacts, can do higher. That said, you are not attending to notice the FZ200's lens anyplace else and it makes an enormous distinction for this category of camera. attempting to duplicate its distance vary with its constant f2.8 aperture for associate degree SLR would price thousands of bucks and therefore the ensuing camera wouldn't slot in atiny low bag.

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