Olympus PEN E-PM2 review

The E-PM2 is that the entry-level model within the PEN vary, however it still boasts some upscale options. Its metal body homes identical 16-megapixel detector that is utilized in mountain peak's top-of-the-range Olympus OMD E-M5. Continuous shooting is at 8fps – double what most CSCs at this worth manage and solely a shade behind the E-M5's 9fps performance. there is an adjunct shoe that accepts not simply external flashguns however additionally associate degree electronic finder, mike input, Bluetooth electronic device (for wireless icon transfers to robot devices) and even a combine of macro diode lamps on versatile arms. there is a little flash unit enclosed within the box, however it's no brighter than a typical integrated flash and rather spoils the camera's sleek style. we tend to suspect lots of individuals can leave it within the back of a drawer and ignore it.

Optical image stabilisation is incorporated into the detector therefore it works with any lens. This includes wide-aperture lenses, that seldom have stabilisation inbuilt. it is also value noting the wide selection of compatible small Four Thirds lenses – much more than for competitive  Sony NEX, Nikon one and Samsung NX systems.


It all bodes well for keen photographers World Health Organization need a subtle camera however do not have Brobdingnagian amounts of money to pay, or maybe preferring to refill on lenses instead of purchase the foremost costly camera body. However, these sorts of users could also be less enamoured by the E-PM2's controls. It's no surprise that there is simply alittle scattering of howevertons – that is typical for entry-level CSCs – but accessing key options is slower than on rival cameras.

There's a quick-access menu with fourteen functions ordered out over 2 pages, however fewer functions on one page would be faster to navigate. we tend to doubt that several individuals feel the requirement to regulate the video resolution or toggle the video sound recording on and off on an everyday basis, and drive mode already features a dedicated labeled  button. The six customisable functions on the Sony NEX-3N's quick-access menu work higher, as will the Panasonic GF6's eleven functions that ar all visible right away and might be jumped to mistreatment the touchscreen. The E-PM2's screen is touch-sensitive however it is not utilized in either the quick-access or the most menu.

The touchscreen proves its value once moving the optical device purpose, though. It additionally goes a protracted method towards creating up for the dearth of a mode dial. Pressing the Menu button reveals the varied modes, which might be elect by touching the screen.

The main menu is Brobdingnagian, spanning twenty three pages. there is Brobdingnagian scope to customize the camera's behaviour however we tend to did not notice it simple pursuit down specific functions. it is not helped by cryptic labels like American state BKT and Rls Priority S. Pressing the information button reveals explanations, however a number of these offer no any clarity and that they are not offered in sub-menus.


Autofocus is seriously fast, and it's secured by extraordinarily responsive subject pursuit. It took 0.6 seconds between shots in program mode, however iAuto mode was somewhat slower, at 0.8 seconds. The 8fps continuous shooting lasted for nineteen frames before speed to a pair of.9fps – an outstanding result. It maintained this high 8fps speed for fourteen raw frames too. It's nice to check mountain peak pairing this quick performance with a decent-sized buffer. Continuous mode with change optical device was at a pair of.9fps.

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